Garnish Games 2023


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Peoples choice champion

Paul Webb


Judges Choice Champion

Tim Dam-Richards


Harvest Moon Pelletier

Meringue Mirage

Tim Dam-Richards

Flying Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Lexi Healy

Inter-dimensional Mozzdaddy

Claire Salem

Pep in Your Step

Paul Webb


Jacob Pike

Head In The Clouds



"Meringue Mirage"

When I heard the competition was taking place at Meow Wolf, I was immediately inspired by my favorite room: Sparkle Cave. I love the contrast when walking into it from the darker rooms to a big, bright, white and colorful staircase. For the cocktail itself, I’ve always loved working with bourbon and I wanted to try intense flavors that i wouldn’t normally work with. I actually hate beets but I love a good challenge. Beet, pomegranate, lemon, and black pepper just made sense in my head and really came together to make the intense and layered cocktail I was hoping for.

Collin Griffith

OAK at Fourteenth

"American Beauty"

The name is based on a Grateful Dead album, I wanted to touch on the psychedelic culture of the Dead movement. The garnish is composed of a number of different textures and uses red, white, and blue like the colors of the flag to pay homage to uncle sam.

Stefan Spitaleri

The Fifth String

"Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless"

Free love, swinger parties, chef driven cocktails and a passion for the elevated dining experience.

Claire Salem

Señor Bear

"Pep In Your Step"

My love for meats and cheeses

George McGrath


"The Ash'Ness Monster"

“Arising out of the ocean of unified consciousness, by way of bartender Sam Gough’s roommate’s dreamscape, came the vision of an ancient cryptid emerging from a spiritous potation. Up from the murky depths, cresting over a churning sea of flavors and aromas is the the oft sought, but rarely sighted Loch Ness Monster. Certain eccentricities emerged during the sea beast’s transmogrification from the metaphysical to the libatious realm; as the Scottish creature, soused in brine and peat smoke, found itself burgeoning onto the physical plane amidst fresh Mediterranean vibrations.

The cucumber-embodied beast itself stands boldly over a layer of foam, dotted with delicate, piquant dill-seaweed. In the depths lurk an array of both alpine and fresh herbs, bright citrus, soft aloe and agave, and wisps of brine and smoke.”

Paul Webb



When thinking about what is multi sensory, I was inspired to create a cocktail that plays with the mind wrapping ice in “fire”. The cocktail it’s self is a riff off a 1962 classic “The Cocoanut Grove Cooler” a scotch based tiki cocktail. Refreshing and Smokey staying with the theme. The ingredients used are fresh, thoughtful, and house made

Lexi Healy

Hell or High Water

"Inter-Dimensional Mozzdaddy"

The Inter-dimensional Mozzdaddy is an interactive drink that defies logic and challenges the boundaries of perception. Each element of the cocktail represents a different aspect of the multiverse, creating a convergence of flavors that acts as an interdimensional portal. As you take a sip, you’re transported through different dimensions beyond human comprehension, where anything is possible. The cayenne pepper and spicy Thai ginger simple ignite your senses, creating a tantalizing heat that’s tempered by the sweet, tangy notes of bell pepper and pineapple. The dragon fruit-infused Aviation Gin adds an exotic twist, enhancing the drink’s otherworldly character and taking you on a journey through dimensions beyond human understanding. The salted passionfruit whip cream adds a creamy, indulgent touch, while the true pièce de résistance is the spicy mozzarella stick garnish, which adds a bold and unexpected element to the flavor profile Inspired by Meow Wolf’s Convergence Station, this drink is a glimpse into a limitless future of imagination. Whether you choose to savor each element separately or combine them for a new experience, the Inter-dimensional Mozzdaddy will take you on a journey through a world that’s truly out of this world.

Lexi Parker

poka lola

"Crystal Castles"

The huge castle room in Meow Wolf Denver along with all of the vibrant colors and textures throughout meow wolf

Jacob Pike

Guard & Grace

"Head In The Clouds"

Elevating the cocktail I wanted to have my play on an aviation actually take flight.

Tim Dam-Richards


"Flying Over The Cuckoo's Nest"

My inspiration behind this cocktail was the creation and culture of ramen. My goal is to create a unique experience with flavor pairings and provide a multi-sensory, multi-textured cocktail that taste like a reconstructed bowl of ramen. To be specific… a bowl of Khao Soi Ramen. The Khao Soi includes many ingredients and I wanted to take them and rework them into a different style that still compliments each other. All ingredients used are used daily at Uncle when making the Khao Soi, along with many other ramens and dishes. The idea is to drink your ramen, eat your broth and change your perception on pigeon holding flavor pairings. The bird’s nest is made of dehydrated ramen noodles that change the texture and functionality. The spiced gummy ajitama egg changes the texture and flavor. The white sesame salted rim helps add the proper salinity to the cocktail while adding some subtle texture change. We finish off the cocktail with a desert like digestivo made of sake and salted coconut made into a light foam to help cleanse your palette and offered a texture and sensory change. I hope my cocktail will take you on a wild journey through different heights.. on the flight over the cuckoo’s nest.


Zander Aklilu

Aztec Coolada

Ravin Buzzell

I Donut Think We’re in Kansas Anymore

Savanna Phibbs


Drew Stevens

Pimm’s No. 38

Jacob Pike

Up in Smoke

Giovanni Leone

Speyside Forager

Monica Stephen

The Yellow Rose of Texas AKA The Honky Tonk Hangover

Luis Ramirez


Lexi Parker 

Holy Mole

Krista Orlebeck

Strawberries & C.R.E.A.M.

Saydee Hopkins

The Sound of the Tide